Why you'll love S’Well

“Darlene and Kim understand the luxury wellness space better than anyone. They always have the inside scoop on what’s hot in the industry, making them a reliable source for innovative angles and on-trend story ideas.”

Jackie Caradonio | Travel Editor, Departures

“Take two parts creativity, add determination, fold in a global network, and sprinkle with magic. Let it rise. You have something S’Well.

I have had the true pleasure of working with Kim Marshall and Darlene Fiske on projects that span the globe and the entire wellness industry. Simply stated, they’re the best. They are partners and collaborators who have boundless energy, genuine warmth and great ideas. They do incredible work and deserve every award available to them.”

Nancy Davis | Chief Creative Officer & Executive Director, Global Wellness Summit

“I’ve opened 14 different hotel spas around the country, each with amazing features – but it doesn’t matter if the world doesn’t know about it! I worked with both Kim and Darlene to launch a complex new spa concept at Turnberry Isle Miami Resort, (ame Spa & Wellness Collective). They just know how to tell your story in a way that will get the right media to the property to experience what you’ve created. Their work ethic is off the charts and they come in with an understanding of the business that you just don’t get in a typical agency. As I tell all my clients, without experts like them to craft your product’s story and tell it to the right people, you simply won’t see your wellness product reach its full potential.

Tammy Pahel | Owner and Wellness Director, Spa Management Solutions, Inc. at The Carillon Miami

Why you'll love Darlene

“As a journalist for Time magazine, I’ve worked with Darlene several times. She’s one of the few publicists who not only totally gets what you’re after, but actually has good ideas of her own. That’s because she takes the time to read the articles written by the person she’s working with, and knows their publication. And she’s smart. And cool.

Joel Stein | Time Magazine

“On average, I receive upwards of 8,500 emails a month. Needless to say, I can’t open every single one, or reply back to any great majority, yet I open and reply to all of Darlene’s. She’s the unicorn PR gal that you love to hear from and you love to work with. I only took one “press trip” this year and it was with Darlene. She is a consummate connector and works to forge real relationships. She knows what a meaningful trip is, she’s respectful of editors’ time (see above 8,500 emails!) and she knows how to make a city or destination shine.”

Mary Kate McGrath | Editor in Chief, PureWow

Darlene was wellness before Gwyneth and Goop made it a thing.

Jennifer Roosth | Houston Editor, The Society Diaries

Why you'll love Kim

Kim has phenomenal contacts in the spa and wellness media, which made telling our story that much easier.

Jenn Michaels | VP Public Relations, MGM Mirage

Kim was the first to communicate to the beauty press 20 years ago that beauty and wellness really do intersect and that the spa industry was the epicenter…with her background in wellness and her relationship with beauty editors, her company is best poised to introduce a product company as the ‘NEXT BIG THING’ in the States.

– Colleen Sullivan | Beauty Editor; Vogue, Health Magazines  

S’Well LaunchPad Retreat Recommendations

“I have participated in dozens of facilitated strategy sessions over the years with top companies such as McKinsey & Company.  The Strategic Visioning Session conducted by S’Well for our Springs Resort & Spa was the best that I have ever attended.  Through their well-planned and executed Strategic Visioning Session, S’Well successfully brought our leadership team to a common, focused vision and helped to strengthen team chemistry in the process.  S’Well also professionally documented the entire strategic visioning workshop visually so that we could look back on the broad and deep subject matter that we delved into while building our vision.  We very much look forward to having another Strategic Visioning Session with S’Well in the future.” 

Charles Leddy | Chief Executive Officer, Presidian Hotels & Resorts

“The founders of S’Well are legendary in our wellness industry and have remarkable access to industry thought leaders and media titans. Kim Marshall is an ideal choice to facilitate meetings: she is ebullient, fearless and has boundless energy. Just as importantly, Kim has a knack for ushering discussions to the crux of the matter, all while allowing enough flexibility to draw out the unique talents of the participants. Darlene Fiske is focused and blessed with genius-level EQ; she’s quite deft at networking and deploying her Southern charm to navigate challenging personalities and situations. I have full trust in the S’Well team to enhance any meeting, making it more compelling and productive.”

Doug Chambers | Principal, Blu Spas, Inc.


“S’Well Public Relations brought in a broader vision of what we needed in order to help project into the public eye what our company had to offer. They were able to be visionaries and see the company from the customer’s viewpoint. Kim and Darlene saw the benefits of what we could offer in both our treatments and services to help us expand and access a broader customer base.  Their professionalism and eye for detail for zeroing in on the highlights of treatment has proved to be extremely valuable. With Bergamos Spa Retreat being the largest day spa in Texas, S’Well really helped bring together what our company is all about. S’Well PR created a platform for expertise that we at Bergamos are confident with and we trust them to put our image on the map as a five-star establishment.”

Marylyn Reed | Owner,  Bergamos Spa Retreat